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    Recorded in time lapse photos and videos, the creepy phenomenon has been the subject of various speculations for some years. This week, Italian newspapers again reported that Rosalia Lombardo, a two-year-old girl who died of pneumonia in 1920, moves her eyelids…


  2. Men who have more trouble controlling laughter also have more trouble controlling sexual arousal



    Have ever experienced something so funny that you just had to laugh out loud? In fact it was so funny you literally could not contain your laughter; it all just came pouring out of you. Of course most people have experienced such an event at least once in their lives and can attest to the fact that sometimes laughter is uncontrollable. However, sometimes, it can be more of a proven then initially anticipated.

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    "Who is he who seeks the House of Marcus Lycus?”

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    Tarot-Dreams Halloween Giveaway.

    On Halloween, Tarot-Dreams will be giving away a deck of tarot cards, healing crystals, and a few other surprises to one lucky follower.

    Contest Rules:

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    The winner will be chosen at random and publicly announced on Tarot-Dreams.tumblr.com on Halloween. If you’re the winner, a request for your mailing address will be sent to your blog. In order to collect your prize, you will have one week to respond. Best of luck to all.

    Past winner: the-neverending-fairytale.tumblr.com

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